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Corresp: Mathieu Herard,CSSp, 1837-1839, 6/30/1837-8/3/1839

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 4
Identifier: GAMMS.8.27.1563

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6/30/1837: he is going to France as Dr. Deluol will inform them. Prays for a decent replacement; he realizes they will be shocked since they thought he was only going to Canada; and because he had built the church and finished a room for himself. Says he will collect there at two Carmels: Will visit Carmels at La Rue Cassini; they were to be sure that the workman finished "dormant window" he promised in loft. 4/3/1838: Has received their 2 letters; in Paris, hope to go to native country where near relations and friends are waiting; "during the whole hard winter I have called, knocked at the doors of all the convents of Paris, even ...written to many..." Riom Carmel too poor; sent vestment instead; sold it for money to send--for $5.62; they are to use his vestments and his bed linens. He has collected $130. "Oh! pray-pray- constantly for me--it is what I expect from you. 7/1838: mentions arrival of Misses Wilcox and Williams-great acquisitions-- great for school, especially music and drawing (Wilcox's talents in music excellent; her parents pious; Riom Carmel continues interest in them; Rue Cassini gave 5 francs (93c). Very poor. Deluol will give more information. Ferdinand Chatard has money, too. Emily Harper will bring everything to you from France; "your poor and very good Rose whom I will never forget on occasion of her piety and her great attention to me during all my sojourn at Mount Carmel." 3/1839: Couldn't raise money officially but got $66 raised in Lyons, Archbishop of Lyons gave 200 francs. Itemized $66--some of which from a Fr. Hardy. Glad to hear "school is improving" and that they have some good novices who, "as they have received a good education" will be able to bring to yourselves a good many pupils. Sorry they are deprived of hearing daily mass. Living now whith Sisters of St. Charles. Re accident at St. James; he is sorry to hear about it and hopes Mrs. Gildea can restore it entirely. He remembers them all. Misses St. Mary's seminary; Deluol. Remembers even the poor and "good Rose"--equally the good ladies who adorn your altar--Miss Hellen (sic), Miss Catharine and the good french lady-teacher of music. Ampuis, 8/3/1839: not well;


  • Creation: 6/30/1837-8/3/1839



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