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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 608 Collections and/or Records:

Corresp: Francis Neale to Prioress, 1832, 3/23/1832

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 6
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.703
Scope and Contents Neale shows great concern over "criminal conduct" of Mr. Mitchell who is making money of the couple sold to him; he had asked a small price so that they and children could live together. This was not in the agreement. It is unjust to the slaves who were sold to him on the proviso that married couples stay together. Neale knows he will have to answer to God for this behavior. Speaks of his need of confidence, especially to receive it from recipient. Mentions ill health of S.Ambrosia and his...
Dates: 3/23/1832

Corresp: Francis Silas Chatard, Vincennes, 1882-1886, 4/23/1879

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 11
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1048
Scope and Contents

Chatard, of Indianapolis, makes requests, donations.

Dates: 4/23/1879

Corresp: F.Thompson to Rev. Wm. O'Brien,, 9/12/1831-12/29/1841

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 3
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.700
Scope and Contents Thompson writes to Mother Angela and Rev. O'Brien. Discusses attachment on nun's property because of Edward Smith vs. Thomas Howard; speaks of poor management under Howard who is not trustworthy. Scare of cholera.Discusses conditions with regard to Mr. Long, suggests sales to him, mentions his daughter who wants to be remembered to "S.Stanny." In 6/24/1836 discusses completed survey of Mt.Carmel, with Sanders, as buyer; contract selling Port Tobacco to Henry Neale on 2/27/1840;...
Dates: 9/12/1831-12/29/1841

Corresp: F.Thompson to Wm. O'Brien et al., 1831-1834, 10/3/1831-7/29/1834

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 2
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.699
Scope and Contents Francis Thompson, as agent to the community, writes either to Mother Angela or to chaplain, Fr. O'Brien, to report of the situation regarding farm at Port Tobacco, but especially about remaining slaves and their disposal. Refers to transactions involving "old man Peter," new Louisiana law prohibiting selling slaves if they had been brought there for sale, mentions purchase of Molly. Asks advise on bringing two old women to Baltimore or providing for their room and board. Worried about...
Dates: 10/3/1831-7/29/1834

Corresp: Georgetown Ladies to Charles Neale, PT, 1804, 8/18/1804

 File — Box 4: Series Series 5; Series Series 6; Series Series 7, Folder: 6a
Identifier: Series 5
Scope and Contents

Eight young women ask to visit Port Tobacco : "making an excursion there this august if it be agreeable to you and the Ladies of the Convent." "..some are very small and one elderly Lady under whose guide we shall be." Signed by Julia Cannon, Martha Goulding, Anne Smith, Catharine Smith, Mary Smith, Maria Lalor, Eliza Winter, Jane Neale. Original in Georgetown Visitation Archives.

Dates: 8/18/1804

Corresp: Harry Kirk, Dept of Agriculture, 1960, 04/23/1958-04/26/1962

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 69
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1104
Scope and Contents

Regarding floodgates and farm fences for Dulaney Valley Road.

Dates: 04/23/1958-04/26/1962

Corresp: Havana Prioress, 1852-1857, 3/28/1852-2/4/1857

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 21b
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.744
Scope and Contents

Mother Josefa de San Juan Bautista answers Baltimore's request for help at time of closing of academy in Baltimore. They send 3 oz of gold (it is a portion of a sum donated by a benefactor). Mentions beginning of Cuba Carmel, from Cartagena des Indias, in 1700. See correspondence of John Stafford to Carroll in 1792 relative to beginnings of Havana Carmel.

Dates: 3/28/1852-2/4/1857

Corresp: H.Philbert, Toronto, n.d.

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 37
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.736
Scope and Contents

In french. Tells of a young girl who seems to have a vocation to the Carmelites.

Dates: 1831-1873; Majority of material found in 1840-1870

Corresp: Hugh Murray to Aunt Martha, 1849, 12/30/1849

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 20
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.718
Scope and Contents

Discusses tax bills and tells Aunt what her part is ($16.66+); mentions Ladies of the Sacred Heart. His father is ill. Relative is living in the villages of Loretto (PA.)

Dates: 12/30/1849

Corresp: I.Coombs,SJ, to Jas.Whitfield, re Carmel, 1832-1844, 5/3/1832-4/19/1844

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 1a
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.845
Scope and Contents

Ignatius Coombs, SJ correspondence to Archbishop Whitfield, concerning having a chaplain to replace B.Fenwick: 5/3/32: "And it is a great misfortune that such a congregation should be left destitute."

Dates: 5/3/1832-4/19/1844

Corresp: Ignatius Coombs,SJ to S.Stanislaus, 1831-1848, 11/1/1831-6/8/1846

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 1
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.698
Scope and Contents

Spiritual advice to S.Stanislaus includes statements such as "What is sweeter than flattery believed." "Don't become gloomy, never look back." He is glad she is in the school, but asks her to be prudent. He teases her (or scolds her), tells of visit to Syria, and refers to community: "You are a community of the greatest importance to religion." Refers to fellow Jesuits, especially those in exile (21 in number), now living in St. Joseph, Philadelphia.

Dates: 11/1/1831-6/8/1846

Corresp: J. Murphy, Publishers, 1879, 12/13/1878

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 10
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1047
Scope and Contents

John Murphy of Murphy and Co., Baltimore, is ailing, remembers prayers, returns manuscript without encouraging author.

Dates: 12/13/1878

Corresp: James E. Walsh, Canton, 1935-1937, 01/15/1928-11/21/1933

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 147
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1211
Scope and Contents Includes first letter after being named Superior General, 10/10/1936. In 7/16/35, describes Sancian Island; mystery that they never go to church. Comments on poetry of Carmelite Sisters; and "a Little Flower who can sing the mercies of the Lord in graceful verse.: "He is the best missioner who follows Xavier" (like you are the best Carmelite who follows Teresa). 9/1/1935, appeals; $5.00 sent; degression in U.S. is calamitous; 1/30/1937, gratitude; mention of communist threats; 4/2/1937,...
Dates: 01/15/1928-11/21/1933

Corresp: James E. Walsh, MM, 1947, 11/26/1946

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 152
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1216
Scope and Contents

"A visit to the Carmel is like a pilgrimage to me, because I used to hear Father Price speak about it and it is one of the first places I went as a young priest looking for prayers." Gratitude, too, for donations. " is a fact that we live to help each other, bear one another's burdens and so you shall fulfill the law of Christ."

Dates: 11/26/1946

Corresp: James E. Walsh, New York, 1946, 06/15/1945-10/22/1945

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 151
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1215
Scope and Contents "It is a crucial time for His cause in the Far East, and therefore it is a good time for us to be here." Walsh affirms idea of sending personnel to the Philippines and gives good advice. "I shouldn't think there is the lest reason to hesitate if you can spare the personnel." The Jaro Carmel was started by the saintly Bishop McCloskey; he told me once that he had a hard time to persuade the Sisters to use mosquito nets...questionable under their rule...but saw the light... Everybody likes the...
Dates: 06/15/1945-10/22/1945

Corresp: James S. Whedbee, Jr., 1959, 06/15/1959

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 76
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1111

Corresp: J.B.Fitzpatrick to S.Stanislaus, 1841-1846, 6/9/1841-6/22/1846

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 11
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.709
Scope and Contents Bishop Fitzpatrick refers to Fenwick: "you keep him so long whenever you catch him down there that Bostonians hate to see his face turned that way." Also S.Ann Alexis (F's sacristan) and Miss Emily Harper, re gifts. 6/22/46, refers to Fenwick's health: "smarting in his legs"; that he confirmed 23 students at Holy Cross; "a more pious collection of youth I never saw; it was a delight to ...devotion and fervour." Adds that ..."Fr. Ben in establishilng this college has done a great thing for...
Dates: 6/9/1841-6/22/1846

Corresp: J.Dart to M.Seraphim, ca. 1920, 09/04/1918-10/14/1931

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 40
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1075
Scope and Contents

Re keeping his daughter Elizabeth's dowry.

Dates: 09/04/1918-10/14/1931

Corresp: Jesuits, C Piccirillo, 1878

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 115
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1178
Scope and Contents

From Scolasticate of the Society of Jesuit, concerning purchase of Raccolta; payable to Fr. C. Piccirillo, SJ.

Dates: 1873-1961; Majority of material found in 1900-1960

Corresp: Jesuits, Seminary Fund, 1926, 02/12/1916

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 117
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1180
Scope and Contents

Certificate signifying perpetual membership by Carmelites in The Jesuit Seminary Fund, signed Francis O'Brien, S.J.

Dates: 02/12/1916

Corresp: J.H.Sandaal to Sr. Joseph Mudd, 1895, 9/13/1887-12/11/1891

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 26
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1062
Scope and Contents

From Athens, Georgia, Sandaal writes of health of St. Joseph. Gives his opinion of picture of Infant of Prague sent by her; prizes it very highly. League of the Sacred Heart.

Dates: 9/13/1887-12/11/1891

Corresp: John Corbett, SJ, 1927, 03/12/1926

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 118
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1181
Scope and Contents Corbett is on staff of the Messenger of the Sacred Heart, Fordham. He writes concerning Carmelite devotion to the Sacred Heart; its history, about Charles Neale and Clare Joseph, and explains that the book Carmelites have was published at Bruges in 1765 by Father Thomas Lawson, SJ. He was rector at Bruges 1766-1769 when Neale was a boy in college. Neale was born in 1750; entered society in 1771. The Latin document they have "proves beyond doubt that the great honor of promoting public...
Dates: 03/12/1926

Corresp: John Foley, 1888, 01/02/1988-12/1/1890

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 22
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1058
Scope and Contents

Then pastor in Baltimore, Foley will preach at the veiling of Sr. Augustine Tuckerman. He will be named bishop of Detroit in 1888.

Dates: 01/02/1988-12/1/1890

Corresp: John Gilmary Shea, 1887, 12/01/1919

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 17
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1054
Scope and Contents

Written to Mother Beatrix, Shea seeks information about Carmel for his book of life of John Carroll; he has contacted Prioress of New Orleans who asked about the Holy Man of Tours. Requests pictures. Mentions McMasters, (Gertrude and Teresa) and fact that the church of Conewago, Pa, in which their ancestors, the Baron and Baroness de Beelen are buried, is celebrating an anniversary.

Dates: 12/01/1919

Corresp: John Williams and opening Carmel, Boston, 1890-1891, 6/9/1886-1/12/1889

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 14
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1051
Scope and Contents

John Williams writes "to invite you to open a Carmelite Convent in Boston. The faithful in Boston desire to have one of your houses here...." Subsequent correspondence of gratitude.

Dates: 6/9/1886-1/12/1889

Corresp: John Williams, Boston, 1886-1889, 9/20/1886

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 13
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1050
Scope and Contents

Discusses Eulalia Tuckerman, who becomes S. Augustine, foundress of Santa Clara.

Dates: 9/20/1886

Corresp: Joseph Crimont, SJ, Bp. of Juneau, 1929-, 06/22/1927-06/29/1927

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 119
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1182
Scope and Contents

A thank you for donation; also 3/3/1949, Shrine Director's opinion of picture of shrine.

Dates: 06/22/1927-06/29/1927

Corresp: J.Ryder,SJ to S.Stanislaus, 1842, 1/17/1842

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 14
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.712
Scope and Contents

Ryder's gratitude for gift of bourse; mentions growth of Carmel community and adds that Jesuits "cannot console ourselves in the increase of men." Many die off and scarcely any recruits present themselves. He gives Carmelites a biography of St. Ignatius. Writes from Georgetown.

Dates: 1/17/1842

Corresp: J.Smith, CSSR, Fr. Giustiniana, 1858, 12/9/1858

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 29
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.728
Scope and Contents

Two letters written by Fr. Joseph Smith CSSR to a confrere, and kept as "relics" of Rev. Father Giustiniana, CM, who they venerated as a saint. The letters discuss a property matter involving the Carmelites. Written from St. Vincent's College, Latrobe.

Dates: 12/9/1858

Corresp, J.Spencer, Liege, 1775, 1/1/1775

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1; Series Series 2; Series Series 3, Folder: 1
Identifier: Series 3
Scope and Contents Four undated letters from Spencer to "Madame Dickinson aux Dames Angloises, Anvers"; All written with affection, some in verse; one signed "adieu ma tres cher amie adieu." Spencer reports his attempts to get "memorandum" of Howard's, after his death; he does have picture of Aloysius procured before Howard's sickness and death. He asks CJ not to tell of the picture taken. Spencer has been to Howard's chamber, more bare than a Carmelite cell-- nothing there to send, besides a small picture of...
Dates: 1/1/1775