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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 608 Collections and/or Records:

Corres: William Horigan to Irene Ord, nd

 File — Box 6: Series Series 8, Folder: 66
Identifier: GAMMS.13.96.3256
Scope and Contents

A note from William Horigan to Irene Ord which mentions Gertrude Muth and the visit of the Third Order, Baltimore Chapter, to Port Tobacco.

Dates: 1930-1980

Corres: William Horigan to Mary Magdalen Brunck, 12/30/1970

 File — Box 6: Series Series 8, Folder: 51
Identifier: GAMMS.13.96.3240
Scope and Contents

A thank you letter from William Horigan, SJ, to Mother Mary Magdalen Brunck re: information on Port Tobacco sent; plaques being readied at Port Tobacco.

Dates: 1930-1980

Corres: William Keeler to Constance FitzGerald, 10/20 & 11/21/1989

 File — Box 2: Series Series 1, Folder: 67
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.3508
Scope and Contents

Two letters from William Keeler to Constance FitzGerald re: Bicentennial Planning Committe for the Archdiocese and tickets to the Bicentennial Concert.

Dates: 1783-1990; Majority of material found in 1850-1940

Corres:Isabelle Hagerty to Laurence Kelly, 2/18/1948, 2/12/1950

 File — Box 2: Series Series 3, Folder: 61
Identifier: GAMMS.13.91.2992
Scope and Contents

Two letters from Isabelle Hagerty to Laurence Kelly, SJ,: 2/18/1948: re: movement to restore Port Tobacco, MD.; 2/12/1050: mentions the nuns may return to Port Tobacco, Restorers news, buiding a Chapel at Mount Carmel.

Dates: 1930-1980

Corres:John McNamara to Laurence Kelly, 6/14/1935, 6/13/1938

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1; Series Series 2; Series Series 3, Folder: 10
Identifier: GAMMS.13.91.2941
Scope and Contents

Two letters from John M. McNamara, Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore to Laurence Kelly, SJ,: June 14, 1935 re: his support of the Restorers project; June 13, 1938 re: his acceptence "to officiate at the blessing of the restored 'Carmel' on July 16, 1938."

Dates: 1930-1980

Corres:Joseph Code to Laurence Kelly, 1/19/1936

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1; Series Series 2; Series Series 3, Folder: 13
Identifier: GAMMS.13.91.2944
Scope and Contents

A letter from Joseph B. Code, author of Great American Foundresses, to Laurence Kelly, SJ, saying: "It was only after my book was published that I learned of the existence of a difference of opinion concerning the real 'foundress' of the American Carmelites. But I preferr to believe... that the successors to the Port Tobacco Nuns should know who deserves the title foundress."

Dates: 1930-1980

Corresp: Abbe Rouquette, 1852-1853, 3/29/1852-5/12/1853

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 24
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.723
Scope and Contents Written from Mandeville, Louisiana, Rouquette discusses the value of contemplative life and tells Prioress about the book he recently sent her: La Thebaide en Amerique, ou Apoloziade de la vie solitaire et contemplative. 8/4 Mentions closing of school -- how "you so joyfully gave up your school"; how "he is pleased to have his Carmel all to himself"; wants copy of rule and constitution and "secret of your monastic austerities; provides extract from a London journal which discusses value of...
Dates: 3/29/1852-5/12/1853

Corresp: A.B.Davidson, 1859, 1/7/1859

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 31
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.730
Scope and Contents

Discusses brown cloth belonging to Sisters; he has not been able to find sale for it, therefore returns fabric. Difficulty of sale is complicated by "embarrasing nature of the times since 1857."

Dates: 1/7/1859

Corresp: Adelaide de la Teresa to M. Louise, 1878, 06/06/1994-7/15/1898

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 9
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1046
Scope and Contents

Adelaide de la Teresa writes from Convent of "Descalsed Carmelites", Savannah, Ga. She spent three days at Boston and is with Spanish Carmelites in Savannah, see Gross correspondence with S. Louise, and Currier's Carmel in America, p. 298, 309, 340; also Appendix G, 427. Adelaide arrived in Savannah 8/30/1877, received two novices, left Savannah for Yonkers, 9/24/1879; sailed to Spain 5/22/1881; to Madrid; now out of debt, 1890.

Dates: 06/06/1994-7/15/1898

Corresp: Agnes Kelly, to M.Baptista (Alhambra), 1908, 01/01/1903

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 32
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1068
Scope and Contents

Sister Agnes of the Immaculate Conception Kelly congratulates Mother Baptista on her silver jubilee.

Dates: 01/01/1903

Corresp, Aloysius Mudd to S.Angela Mudd, 1819, 5/27/1819

 File — Box 4: Series Series 5; Series Series 6; Series Series 7, Folder: 2
Identifier: Series 6
Scope and Contents

Written from Georgetown College where he is a novice, Aloysius tells his sister that he is in "the safe harbour of religious retreat." He has received habit; has experienced trials. Has lived a worldly life; so begs prayers for perseverance in the society. Secular priesthood is an idea he dislikes.

Dates: 5/27/1819

Corresp: Andrew Levatois, SS, 1945, 11/06/1944-02/08/1945

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 57
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1092
Scope and Contents

Regarding repository of the Blessed Sacrament, its dubious placement, preferred place, but tolerable placement for duration.

Dates: 11/06/1944-02/08/1945

Corresp: Anna Dengel, 1943, 04/23/1931-06/19/1934

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 89
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1124
Scope and Contents

Gratitude; it is Vocation Week in Pittsburgh. Written from Philadelphia.

Dates: 04/23/1931-06/19/1934

Corresp: A.Sacchi, SJ. to Prioress, ca.1838

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 9
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.706
Scope and Contents Sacchi writes from Conowago, Pa. which he says is too far; he mentions his desire to die. Those sick are S.Pulcharia, Aloysia, Anastasia, and Francis. He is "in a pickle", fell "from the frying pan into the fire"--from Paradise to Babel. Ladies of the Sacred Heart there. "As for you dear Mother of Carmel take care of those beautiful flowers you are raising in the first Carmel garden of Baltimore..." "Excuse the old man Sacchi: he is getting talkative, teaching what he hardly practices...
Dates: 1831-1873; Majority of material found in 1840-1870

Corresp: Asia Clarke (Booth), 1865-1875, 9/5/1868-3/22/1875

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 35
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.734
Scope and Contents Former student of Mother Teresa Sewall, Asia writes three letters about her life in both England and the Continent; she compares religious environment of both. English are "a cold bigoted people" and so intolerant of Catholics and so bitter about Catholics and Ritualists that France is a welcome change and like a different world, where processions and devotions are frequent and sustaining of faith. Narrates beautiful story of daughter's exercise of love of poor, creating a doll lottery of...
Dates: 9/5/1868-3/22/1875

Corresp: Baltimore Carmel to Havana Carmel, 1851, 1/1/1851

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 21a
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.720
Scope and Contents

The Carmelite Nuns of Baltimore tell Havana Carmel that school is closed and therefore they need financial assistance; now want to shut out "the distractions and anxiety necessarily incident to the teaching of a school."

Dates: 1/1/1851

Corresp: Blackistone and Scott, 1841, 7/13/1841

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 12
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.710
Scope and Contents

Lawyer for Camelites, John Scott, to James T. Blackistone re property (1/2 owned by Mr. Guy), rest by Miss J. Sewall (Possibly Teresa Sewall, OCD.) Guy should not have any complaint whatsoever against the Carmelite Institution. If any, author says that he will take all the blame and will press suit, if necessary, against Guy.

Dates: 7/13/1841

Corresp: Bro Conrad, OSF, 1960, 09/10/1960

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 83a
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1219
Scope and Contents

Brother Conrad asks questions concerning the portrait of Sister Clare Joseph Dickinson, done by Franciscan, and chart of U.S.Carmels that was in a first issue of National edition of the Register, Denver.

Dates: 09/10/1960

Corresp: Bro Louis Vogt, SM, Dayton, 1934, 11/12/1934

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 48
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1083
Scope and Contents

Brother Vogt writes concerning his music to "Little Flower."

Dates: 11/12/1934

Corresp: Charles Currier, 1913-1915, 08/01/1908

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 34
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1069
Scope and Contents Correspondence first from Washington, D.C. concerning the Carmelite's making him two mitres (gold and white) for him as Bishop-elect of Matanzas, Cuba. Letters from Matanzas as "land of exiles", extreme spiritual needs of the people; 95% neglected in faith matters. One letter from Greylock, North Adams, Massachusetts (8/12/1914) where he is recuperating, and discussion of his getting Mexican Carmelite Sisters from Queretaro for Cuba; ones S.Seraphim (recipient) knows from New Orleans...
Dates: 08/01/1908

Corresp: Charles Plowden to John Carroll, 1801, 1/26/1801

 File — Box 4: Series Series 5; Series Series 6; Series Series 7, Folder: 6a
Identifier: Series 5
Scope and Contents Plowden writes to Carroll from Stonyhurt, England about the Carmelites' aims and influence of Neale: "Your American Carmelites are indeed to blame for neglecting the education of children of their own sex; & probably no other nuns, fit for that duty, will emigrate to you. If they are guided by Mr. C. Neale, I am not surprised that they are inflexible. I used to think that gent. (sic) the most unaccommodating and uncomplying of man (sic) of virtue that I had ever known. The spirit may...
Dates: 1/26/1801

Corresp: Ch.Stonestreet, SJ, 1852, 10/20/1852

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 22
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.721
Scope and Contents

Stonestreet reiterates rule of Jesuits that they are "forbidden all care of religious women"-- a rule of St. Ignatius. Limits: :to preach occasionally, to give retreats sometimes and when we cannot well help it, extraconfessors, is the uttermost length of our powers." Written to S.Stanislaus Smith. Suggests possibility of one retreat. Written from Georgetown.

Dates: 10/20/1852

Corresp: De Villegas and dowager, 1792-1795, 7/29/1792-3/15/1795

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1; Series Series 2; Series Series 3, Folder: 7
Identifier: Series 1
Scope and Contents

From Brussels, the last letter of Balthassar Joseph Ignace de Villegas D'Estainbourg, to Father Neale and sisters; he is still in hope of getting Visitandines, wants help of Fr. Stone of College. Fr.Francis Neale. Has sent books to Maryland; Jesuits. Negotiates donations, legal aspects of same. Two letters from his cousin, the Lady Dowager de Villegas de Louvrange, born de Villegas d'Aa, in French. (See "Carmel in America," pp.75-79.)

Dates: 7/29/1792-3/15/1795

Corresp: De Villegas to Reverend Mother, 1790, 4/14/1790

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1; Series Series 2; Series Series 3, Folder: 6
Identifier: Series 1
Scope and Contents

De Villegas asks that the heart of "my patron saint Joseph" be added to the title of the first foundation. He wishes them a happy passage to America; that his heart will follow, and hopes the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed in the house they will live in there. He tells them he has written to "your conductor Father Neal" about money contribution. Written from Brussels.

Dates: 4/14/1790

Corresp: Denis J. O'Connell, American College, 1890, 5/23/1890

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 24
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1060
Scope and Contents

About reception of Carmel in America; placing "the volume in the very hands of the Pope. He could not read it but still he turned the pages over interestedly, and he made me tell him the story of "Carmel in America" as I had learned it from you. He directed me to say he sends you his thanks and his blessing for your centennial."

Dates: 5/23/1890

Corresp: E.A.Ryan, SJ, 1961, 08/01/1961

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 140
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1204
Scope and Contents

Has gotten permissions to hear confessions occasinally; and supoporting letter of Ed Sponga, SJ for same.

Dates: 08/01/1961

Corresp: EJ Cunningham, SJ, Alaska, 1931-1936, 05/29/1931

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 122
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1186
Scope and Contents

Cunningham tells of the difficulty of life; relates loss of a plane with two of the missionaries; his own health not good; hardships for other missionaries. Fr. Delon, one of Fathers lost; Delon often visited Cunningham home in Baltimore.

Dates: 05/29/1931

Corresp: Elizabeth Langdale, 1960 (encl, 1931), 02/15/1960

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 82
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1117
Scope and Contents

E.Langdale's speaks of Father Victorino, OCD, her confessor, now in India; and encloses copy of letter dictated by sister of Saint Therese in 1931 (Sister Francoise Theresa, Convent of the Visitation, Caen, France). Refers to her own devotion to Sacred Heart and to St. Therese.

Dates: 02/15/1960

Corresp: F. Dzierozynski,SJ to Prioresses, 1832-1849, 11/3/1832-11/7/1849

 File — Box 3: Series Series 7; Series Series 8; Series Series 9; Series Series 10, Folder: 4
Identifier: GAMMS.8.26.701
Scope and Contents Dzierozynski refers to 1832 cholera (Cholera morbus) epidemic, members of Carmel lost, including Father O'Brian (sic), says it passed by Georgetown. Says "Daily I visit in my mind my ever dear Mount Carmel and worthy daughters of St. Teresa." Mentions death of S.Aloysia, Juliana, Francis, Gertrude. Thanks them for grape slips so that they can begin grape arbors; if the novices succeed they will call the crop, the "Grapes of Mt. Carmel." Last letter is written from St.John's College,...
Dates: 11/3/1832-11/7/1849

Corresp: Francis M.Covallo, SX, 1961, 03/16/1960

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 112
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1175
Scope and Contents

Fr. Francis Covallo writes from Sierra Leona, Africa, acknowledging spiritual assistance.

Dates: 03/16/1960