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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 31 Collections and/or Records:

Jaro: Pedro Santos, Bp of Nueva Caceres, 1948, 01/01/1948-06/01/1948

 File — Box Ph1: Series Series 6, Folder: 39
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2033
Scope and Contents

Bishop Santos of Nueva Caceres, PI, with letters to Archbishop Keough enclosed, details answers to questions raised by Mother Mary Magdalen re particulars of foundation at Naga to which he gives consent. Baltimore will have to finance it for its first two years; after that local donations and benefactors should make a difference.

Dates: 01/01/1948-06/01/1948

Jaro: S John, re move to Naga, 1949, 07/21/1949-10/03/1949

 File — Box Ph1: Series Series 6, Folder: 51
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2045
Scope and Contents S John writes to individual sisters and to Mother Mary Magdalen; is exhausted over packing for new foundation (two groups are being formed at the same time). They are told they are wanted in Infanta any time; and she believes there are some 18 applicants for Naga already. She likes the Delegate. She asks Mother to "change my will to read Naga; maybe $10,000." Expecting MMM to join them. Father Thomas Kilduff writes from Brookline re Naga. In 8/19/49, mentions progress at other Carmels,...
Dates: 07/21/1949-10/03/1949

Naga: Aloysius, 1957, 02/12/1957-07/28/1957

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 90
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2083
Scope and Contents

S. Aloysius tells of visit of "Ma Mere" John is not well. Mother Cecile is the "exiled Prioress from Shanghai who is very edifying. 7/28: "our problem" Mother Mary has left with Rev Mo Cecile; is gone for three weeks, if Father Superior can trust Naga to "Americans" for that long. Deep sigh of relief. "What these years of exile have cost Johnie." Comments on poverty and buying clothing material.

Dates: 02/12/1957-07/28/1957

Naga: Authorization to found at Naga, 1949, 09/09/1949

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 62
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2055
Scope and Contents

Copy of letter sent by E. Vagnozzi, Apostolic Delegate, to Manila's Apostolic Delegate, authorizing, thrugh SCRIS, the Carmelite Foundation in Naga; with letter by Sister John to Mother Mary Magdalen explaining and describing the situation.

Dates: 09/09/1949

Naga: Blueprint, 1951

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 63
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2056
Scope and Contents

A blueprint of Naga Carmel, 1951.

Dates: 1700-1990; Majority of material found in 1850-1980

Naga: Blueprints offered by SVDs, 1956, 02/01/1956

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 64
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2057
Scope and Contents

Blueprints and architectural plans suggested by an SVD architect and accompanying correspondence of S.Margaret Mary, at Naga.

Dates: 02/01/1956

Naga: Christmas correspondence, 1975

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 85
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2078
Scope and Contents

Christmas note accompanying Christmas present: a carved plaque and inlaid vases sent by S John Wise and Sisters at Naga. Arrived Feb, 1976. Card signed by Sister Teresita.

Dates: 1700-1990; Majority of material found in 1850-1980

Naga: Corresp and Silver Jubilee programs, S Mary, 1978, 04/03/1978-09/08/1978

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 86
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2079
Scope and Contents

S Mary of the Heart of Jesus writes to Prioress concerning the celebration of her silver jubilee; includes pictures, holy cards, and copy of renewal of marriage vows by siblings, and program. Lucy/Peanuts comic strip illustration.

Dates: 04/03/1978-09/08/1978

Naga: Death notices, S Aloysius, 1963, 01/04/1963

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 84
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2077
Scope and Contents Two accounts of the Last Days and Death of Mother Aloysius of the Sacred Passion OCD, Foundress of the Carmel at Naga City, PI. These are two versions; the second typed from letter sent to Mo Aloysius' sister, S. Teresa Rose, an Ursuline stationed at Bethesda, MD, referred to as "Aunt Rose" in the correspondence that describes her death. Included is note from Mother Teresa Rose to Baltimore Carmel, explaining reason she had copy of the letter sent on to them; mentions gratitude she feels...
Dates: 01/04/1963

Naga: Donation deed, purchase of equipment, Altar Breads, 1974-

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 66
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2059
Scope and Contents

The Deed of donation for the ovens used in making of altar breads, 1974; financial negotiations for new equipment needed to purchase for making of altar breads; acknowledgement for Archbishop, Naga.

Dates: 1700-1990; Majority of material found in 1850-1980

Naga Foundation: M Aloysius, from Manila, 1949, 09/25/1949-10/11/1949

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 88
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2081
Scope and Contents

Mother Aloysius write Mother M Magdalen to tell her that S. John has asked the Apostolic Delegate to intercede so that MMM could join them; they packed to go. 10/11, five depart. Very little privacy in Manila; much cleaning is necessary at Naga. Santos is grand; Jesuits will be chaplains. People are helpful; Srs of Charity help. They need lighter-weight clothes. Copy of letter pleading for MMM.

Dates: 09/25/1949-10/11/1949

Naga: General correspondence, 1956

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 77
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2070
Scope and Contents

General correspondence to Baltimore Prioress.

Dates: 1700-1990; Majority of material found in 1850-1980

Naga: general correspondence, 1981-, 08/18/1981

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 87
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2080
Scope and Contents

S Margaret Mary write to S Constance and one to Sisters.

Dates: 08/18/1981

Naga: Last letter of S Aloysius, 12/19/1962, 12/19/1962

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 95
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2088
Scope and Contents

Last letter of Mother Aloysius, 1962.

Dates: 12/19/1962

Naga: List of Nuns, Naga Carmel, 1952

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 67
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2060
Scope and Contents

A list of the nuns at Naga, including profession dates, present age; lay sisters, out-sisters, and postulants also named.

Dates: 1700-1990; Majority of material found in 1850-1980

Naga: M Aloysius, 1955, 10/28/1955-11/08/1955

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 89
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2082
Scope and Contents

M Aloysis writes of discouragement: "Truly I'm ready today to give up." mu= "most unworthy." New plans; S John will go to Manila novitiate as director. Doubts it will work. Comments on S John...and on their failures. "...if I am kicked out." Trials.

Dates: 10/28/1955-11/08/1955

Naga: Pedro Santos, 1948, 03/22/1948

 File — Box Ph1: Series Series 6, Folder: 40
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2034
Scope and Contents

Bishop Santos writes to both Thomas Kilduff OCD, Provincial of Friars, and Mother Mary Magdalen, asking them to send their sisters and to found in his diocese (Naga, Nueva Caceres).

Dates: 03/22/1948

Naga: Re death of S Aloysius, 1963, 01/16/1963

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 83
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2076
Scope and Contents

S. Marie Therese of the Sacred Heart writes re death of S. Aloysius, asks for assistance of additional members.

Dates: 01/16/1963

Naga: S Aloysius, 1960, 01/12/1960-11/10/1960

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 92
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2085
Scope and Contents Aloysius compares herself to S John whose energy is too great, too demanding. 1/12: typhoon terrible; strongest ever in memory. They houses 90 shelterless people. S John is too strong. A real cross: the competition between them: "She doesn't have to get the community to heaven in these three years." 11/10: She has misgivings about making the foundation after all. It was S John who urged it; it was not a good idea. Should have five or six chapter nuns. Worried about S John's need to be...
Dates: 01/12/1960-11/10/1960

Naga: S Aloysius, 1961, 12/16/1961

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 93
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2086
Scope and Contents

S Aloysius writes about their move to Dulaney Valley Road.

Dates: 12/16/1961

Naga: S Aloysius, 1962, 04/01/1962-11/01/1962

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 94
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2087
Scope and Contents

S Aloysius worries about troubles, exhaustion of S John, balks about her use of free time; talks of health, aging; her dispositions as leader; abilities; her homesickness for Biddle Street. Altar breads.

Dates: 04/01/1962-11/01/1962

Naga: S Aloysius, trials, 1958-1959, 02/15/1958-04/29/1959

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 91
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2084
Scope and Contents Aloysius writes concerning difficulties there; need to make vestments and altar breads; her illnesses; S. John's election. 2/15: "If only we could get some AMerican blood here with us." Thinks it would be a big help to have a little "of our own blood here" to give example to the Filipinos. They seem to demand example more than principle. Mother Cecile is great help; is God-sent. Coffee sent is delicious; they never buy it. M.Cecile has saved very bad situation; the "mixing" is not good. ...
Dates: 02/15/1958-04/29/1959

Naga: S John, 1953-1956, 04/16/1953-09/21/1956

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 97
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2090
Scope and Contents S. John writes to Mother Mary Magdalen and reviews aspects of her life as a Carmelite. On her day of profession: it is the gift of one's self in the springtime." On fast: they do this as an example to Filippinos who "are led by their senses rather than reason." 3/12/1956: She expresses concern and fear over arrival of prioress; 7/14/1956: ill; "Ma Mere" for three years; Sympathy of Father Tom; "far, far from being easy." She is so very, very different. John admires "that she wishes...
Dates: 04/16/1953-09/21/1956

Naga: S John, 1957, 02/06/1957-08/13/1957

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 98
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2091
Scope and Contents S John makes requests for material; Shanghai Carmel nuns forced to leave; preparations for Lucena foundations where Mother Cecile will be prioress. Aloysius wants her to be prioress; speaks of her difficulties with Mother Mary: public humiliations; they lost five novices; she has grown "nervous." :I have such a dread of being a nervous religious." The Definitor General Eugene told them that the customs of each ought to be supply. "Do not be too rigid to keep French or foreign customs but be...
Dates: 02/06/1957-08/13/1957

Naga: S John, 1958-1961, 02/18/1958-04/22/1961

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 99
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2092
Scope and Contents

S John is discouraged over illnesses: "I am really no good here at all." Aloysius has beginning of angina; many concerns that are personal; poor personal health.

Dates: 02/18/1958-04/22/1961

Naga: S John, 1962-1964, 07/23/1962-03/31/1964

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 100
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2093
Scope and Contents

S. John writes of sickness and exhaustion, severe blow of S Aloysius' death. Two postulants; two for vows; beginning of chapel; cooperation of Cardinal. Indult's arrival; completion of her term is 1964.

Dates: 07/23/1962-03/31/1964

Naga: S John, 1964-1966, 01/09/1964-05/13/1966

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 101
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2094
Scope and Contents

S John enclosed billets and relic of the Three Kings; construction has begun; fund-raising too. She is exhausted; term will be up soon. Professions are coming up.

Dates: 01/09/1964-05/13/1966

Naga: S John, 1967, 01/06/1967-12/04/1967

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 102
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2095
Scope and Contents

S John writes of renewal: office in English. Altar breads and scapulars are their business; they are very busy; donation of breviaries; they arrived 1967. Her 20th anniversary of departure, 1967. Jubilee: 8000 letters sent out. 1st final profession in many years. In 1967 they vote to "come under Order."

Dates: 01/06/1967-12/04/1967

Naga: S John, 1970, 08/12/1970-11/1/0971

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 104
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2096
Scope and Contents

S John speaks of difficult times; might have to return, but it will be against her wishes; 6/2/1971 speaks of two typhons; poverty, need for extra mass stipends. Meeting of 320 delegates of Constitutional Convention to rewrite constitutions.

Dates: 08/12/1970-11/1/0971

Naga: S Marie Cecile de Jesus, 1957, 05/10/1957-09/20/1957

 File — Box Ph2: Series Series 6, Folder: 80
Identifier: GAMMS.10.71.2073
Scope and Contents

S Marie Cecile, formerly Prioress at Shanghai, write concerning the plight of her monastery and church in Shanghai after Communist arrival; the "terror" that befell foreign Sister. She has authorization to reestablish at Lucena; makes requests and sends picture of the "Church of the Silence." "My own weakness is my strength."

Dates: 05/10/1957-09/20/1957