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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 451 Collections and/or Records:

Corresp: Charles Gavaert, Scheut Fathers, 1958-1961, 02/09/1961

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 113
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1176
Scope and Contents

Gavaert writes from Hongkong, Scheut Mission; in thanks for mission support, building church; his illness.

Dates: 02/09/1961

Corresp: Chinese Srs of Our Lady, 1958, 12/30/1957

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 107
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1170
Scope and Contents

Rev. Peter Kuo writes on behalf of the Chinese Sisters of Our Lady of China, their needs, in newly organized native diocese of Kia-Yee, Formosa, Free China.

Dates: 12/30/1957

Corresp: CMSW, Mo Maurice, RSM, 1959, 11/13/1959

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 74
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1109

Corresp: Conan Fitzmaurice, 1949, 08/14/1947

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 100a
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.2102
Scope and Contents

Conan Fitzmaurice writes from Nigel, Transvaal, South Africa, to Mother Mary Magdalen and tells of work of religion there. Mentions Our Lady of Fatima, Lipa. Refers to Fr Eliseus, OCD, in India, the fact that there are many vocations to the seminary but no money to educate them, ands tells her that there are about 3000 Carmelites in India: Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, Some are Latin Rite and some Syriac.

Dates: 08/14/1947

Corresp: Damasus, slide presentation, 1982, 05/02/1982

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 112
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1921
Scope and Contents

Damasus writes re advertising slide presentation of St. Teresa.

Dates: 05/02/1982

Corresp: Denis of St Teresa, 1868, 3/14/1868

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 67
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1858
Scope and Contents Denis of St Teresa writes concerning norms for solemn vows, details specific developments in the United States. 1864 is year before which some vows could be solemn. Visitation Sisters mentioned; theirs are solemn according to the rescript. Vows of other religious are simple unless there is a rescript. Consoles them because simple vows are much the same, with some exceptions (insignificant). Original, and typed translation, found among Mother Seraphim's papers. This letter is not cited in...
Dates: 3/14/1868

Corresp: DJ Callahan, SJ, 1950

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 125
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1189
Scope and Contents

Callahan discusses seven dolor beads and continued indulgences.

Dates: 1873-1961; Majority of material found in 1900-1960

Corresp: Egidio Vagnozzi, 1966, 03/23/1966-09/28/1966

 File — Box 4: Series Series 3, Folder: ad8
Identifier: GAMMS.4.46.1593
Scope and Contents

Correspondence advising Prioress that one of Pope's candles designated for capitols of the world is to be given Baltimore Carmel. Gratitude of prioress. His acknowledgement of check, and visit to Carmel.

Dates: 03/23/1966-09/28/1966

Corresp: Eleanor Flynn, 3rd Order, 1960, 04/20/1960

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 83
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1118
Scope and Contents

Eleanor Flynn was in Carmel briefly, now is a teacher in New York, has visited the Carmel in Newport; She is 3rd order.

Dates: 04/20/1960

Corresp: Eusebius, permissions, 1956-1958, 08/25/1956-02/19/1958

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 99
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1908
Scope and Contents

Eusebius of St Michael: re rescript for black veil for lay sisters (not permitted) and new breviaries.

Dates: 08/25/1956-02/19/1958

Corresp: F Joseph Gossman, appointment to Raleigh, 1975, 04/24/1975-05/16/1975

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 11
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1636
Scope and Contents

Gossman comments on appointment as Bishop of Raleigh, expresses gratitude to Carmel, extends invitation to attend ceremonies.

Dates: 04/24/1975-05/16/1975

Corresp: Felix Talbot, SJ, Gloucester, 1959, 12/11/1958

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 131
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1195

Corresp: Finian, donations for women's Carmels, 1969-71, 06/27/1969-01/29/1971

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 111
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1920
Scope and Contents

Finian of the Queen of Carmel: re donations for needy Carmels of women; reception of $100 towards $1000 pledged. Other money.

Dates: 06/27/1969-01/29/1971

Corresp: Finian to MM Magdalen, 1967-1968, 11/28/1967-09/01/1968

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 110
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1919
Scope and Contents

Finian of the Queen of Carmel: re donation for construction of new Generalate; affirmative response of $2,000.

Dates: 11/28/1967-09/01/1968

Corresp: F.Joseph Gossman, general, 1965-1971, 02/24/1965-10/02/1971

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 9
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1634
Scope and Contents

Gossman writes to confirm appointments, in thanksgiving, and congratulation.

Dates: 02/24/1965-10/02/1971

Corresp: Fr. Patrick Breheny, 1960, 10/01/1900-01/22/1958

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 111
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1174
Scope and Contents

Fr. Breheny, Glenmary, requested prayers for missionary parish, Scott County, Virginia.

Dates: 10/01/1900-01/22/1958

Corresp: Francis E.Keenan, SJ, 1959-1961, 01/03/1959

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 134
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1198
Scope and Contents

Keenan asks for prayers for Tertian Fathers of Auresville, 1959; Oblate Fathers, worldwide; cannot give the retreat during Lent; maybe at new house.

Dates: 01/03/1959

Corresp: Francis J. Kirby, Miami, 1959, 01/17/1959

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 75
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1110
Scope and Contents

Dr Kirby (surgeon of nuns), writes in gratitude for letters written at time of his illness.

Dates: 01/17/1959

Corresp: Francis Keough, 1949-1957, 10/29/1949-06/07/1957

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1, Folder: 34
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.1540
Scope and Contents

In gratitude for contributions of Sisters to Mission funds, Bishop's Relief Fund, Catholic Charity Fund, Victims of War, etc. Some community comment.

Dates: 10/29/1949-06/07/1957

Corresp: Francis Keough, 1953-1955, 09/28/1953-08/23/1955

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1, Folder: 37
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.1543
Scope and Contents

Correspondence of general nature; 9/28/1953; he is going to dedication ceremonies of new North American College of which he is trustee; Marian Year; 5/11/1954: on Sponsa Christi and duties of those dedicated to contemplative; prayer intentions; archdiocesan business.

Dates: 09/28/1953-08/23/1955

Corresp: Francis Keough, 1956-1961, 09/20/1956-03/14/1961

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1, Folder: 38
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.1544
Scope and Contents 9/20/1956: re rescript Prot No.1020/56; number of nuns that can be received is 24 at this time; color of veil for lay Sisters; 2/23/56: circular letter Prot No. 173/35 (Nov 13, 1936); annuities and bonds and HolySee; 1/11/57: gratitude for stole; 12/20/57: gratitude for altar linens and burse; 12/30/57 Mayor's Office ordinance re multiple dwellings registration 3/3/58: re Carlyle Barton estates; Mr Dugan's connection; building fund 1959: gifts received; 2/9/1959: permission asked to proceed...
Dates: 09/20/1956-03/14/1961

Corresp: George J. Deimel, CSSR, 1943, 09/04/1937

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 98
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1161
Scope and Contents

Deimel writes to S. Patricia concerning the Redemptorist mission and "permanent residence" in Campo Grande, Caixa Postal, Brazil.

Dates: 09/04/1937

Corresp: George Kirchgessner, SJ, 1960, 09/14/1959-03/13/1961

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 135
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1199
Scope and Contents

Kirchgessner writes about the life and death of friend, Rev. Joseph Reith, SJ, whose missionary work was exemplary, especially work he did in Malaybalay, P.I, at San Isidro Parish where he died. (Born in Baltimore, confirmed by Cardinal Gibbons, spent whole Jesuit life in PI (including internment by Japanese).

Dates: 09/14/1959-03/13/1961

Corresp: Giorgio LaPira, 1958, 04/07/1958

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 72
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1107
Scope and Contents

Form letters; Offer to send spiritual conference proceedings given by Pius XII (radio talks); and on Mediterranean interview of Florence (on peace).

Dates: 04/07/1958

Corresp: Gossman, Hunger Collection, 1974, 10/14/1974

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 10
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1635
Scope and Contents

Gossman writes in thanksgiving for contributions to Hunger collection, food committees.

Dates: 10/14/1974

Corresp: Harry Kirk, Washington, DC, 1957-1961, 08/13/1956

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 67
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1102
Scope and Contents

Kirk refers to holy water fonts in use in Louisville, Ky. Also refectory table and benches, as in Barrington, RI; discusses plans for reception at Dulaney Valley Rd. And fence to be built there. Illustrations of fence wire; shelving, etc.

Dates: 08/13/1956

Corresp: Helene Martin, 1958, 02/15/1960-02/25/1960

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 70
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1105
Scope and Contents

As representative of Willet Stained Glass Co, she tells Sisters that they want to have stained glass window in new Cathedral which commemorates Port Tobacco beginnings and Carmelites. Executed window commemorates Teresa, Therese and Simon Stock. Corresp also from Robert Walsh; drawings.

Dates: 02/15/1960-02/25/1960

Corresp: Hilda Grothaus, 1958, 10/08/1957-06/06/1961

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 67a
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1220
Scope and Contents

Donation of Dr. Frank J. Ayd., Jr, President of Ayd Foundation, Baltimore, for $2,500.

Dates: 10/08/1957-06/06/1961

Corresp: Irv Klein, Theatrical Agency, 1958, 02/14/1958

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 71
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1106
Scope and Contents

Refers to a missing picture of Aisquith Street, allegedly belonging to Irv Klein's brother. Klein does not believe it will be located.

Dates: 02/14/1958

Corresp: James A Walsh, MM, 1928-1930, 12/28/1915-06/04/1919

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 144
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1208
Scope and Contents

Walsh solicits prayers to missionaries; 30 young men in major seminary; 40 at Scranton; 14 in Los Altos; requests prayers for mission in Sancian. Diary sent by missionaries there.

Dates: 12/28/1915-06/04/1919