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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 451 Collections and/or Records:

Corresp: Lewis Cox, SJ, PA, 1961, 06/09/1961-06/13/1961

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 141
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1205
Scope and Contents

Requests prayers; is at Le Moyne College, Syracuse; has been good friends with Daniel Berrigan and Andrew Brady, as well as Sisters of Mercy.

Dates: 06/09/1961-06/13/1961

Corresp: Linus Feng, 1956, 04/25/1952

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 105
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1168
Scope and Contents

Linus Feng writes concerning conditions under Communists in Shanghai and Peking. Circumstances in Formosa "very peace."

Dates: 04/25/1952

Corresp: L.J.Shehan, Ecclesiastical Superior, 1941-1951, 04/04/1941-05/16/1951

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1, Folder: 40
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.1546
Scope and Contents

4/4/41: appointment as superior announced; 5/22/1950: dispensation from eucharistic fast for Mary McCoy; 8/25/50: re confessional for the sick; S.Mary Joseph's treatment at Seton Institute; 5/16/51: re receiving one aspirant over the number provided with rescript permitting enclosed.

Dates: 04/04/1941-05/16/1951

Corresp: L.P. Bourassa, SJ, Rome, 1957, 11/05/1956

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 127
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1191
Scope and Contents

Bourassa explains origin of "Christ to the World", an International Review of Apostolic Experiences", a journal now published in Rome that tells of the missionary experiences of religious congregations world wide. Says that circulation now reaches over 5,000 with 1500 in U.S.

Dates: 11/05/1956

Corresp: Luke, Mass intentions, 1921, 11/29/1921

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 84
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1875
Scope and Contents

Generalate: Luke writes concerning 60 mass intentions, other matters.

Dates: 11/29/1921

Corresp: M Celin;e to Anastasius, 1966, 07/06/1966

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 106
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1915
Scope and Contents

Mother Celine Arnold discusses changes in Ceremonial and manual, re suppression of Prime, dispensation from fast, etc.

Dates: 07/06/1966

Corresp: Maria Von Trapp, Family letter, 1959, 12/17/1959

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 77
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1112
Scope and Contents

Family letter from Maria Von Trapp; telling of family news, etc. Their personal interest in Carmel.

Dates: 12/17/1959

Corresp: Maria Von Trapp, Stowe, 1960

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 78
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1113
Scope and Contents

Maria Von Trapp writes about the family, the movie "Sound of Music", profits, problems, and gratitude to God.

Dates: 1873-1961; Majority of material found in 1900-1960

Corresp: Mary-Eugene, on Marian Year, prayer intentions, 1954, 07/01/1954

 File — Box Ge2: Series Series 4, Folder: 40c
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1849
Scope and Contents

Mary-Eugene forwards letter from SCRIS on Marian Year ands the special intentions of prayers for its aims.

Dates: 07/01/1954

Corresp: Michael Angel, re Naga and new foundations, 1948-49, 09/30/1948-11/12/1949

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 98
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1907
Scope and Contents

Michael Angel: re permissions for two Baltimore Sisters to go to Naga to start new Carmel there; complications; MMM's not going there; and book by Mary-Eugene sent to assist her in new task as novice director.

Dates: 09/30/1948-11/12/1949

Corresp: Michael Angel to Prioress, re renewal, 1967-68, 11/14/1967-06/21/1968

 File — Box Ge2: Series Series 4, Folder: 50a
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1846
Scope and Contents

Correspondence of Michael Angel with respect to renewal as it is being legislated in the constitutions.

Dates: 11/14/1967-06/21/1968

Corresp: Michael Clerkin, SVD, 1952, 11/19/1951-02/08/1952

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 104
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1167
Scope and Contents

Fr. Clerkin writes concerning mission band in New Guinea which he offers them as Therese's community.

Dates: 11/19/1951-02/08/1952

Corresp: Mi.McKeirnan, HongKong, 1959-1971, 10/15/1953-12/08/1971

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 166
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1234
Scope and Contents

McKeirnan expresses thanks for donations of Carmel. In 2/261971, he mentions that there is a "Carmelite Convent just at the foot of our hill. ..At the end of the Japanese war, they saved ourhouse from being looted. A great group, and we owe them many blessings."

Dates: 10/15/1953-12/08/1971

Corresp: MM Magdalen, Francis Keough, 1961, 03/12/1961

 File — Box 1: Series Series 1, Folder: 39
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.1545
Scope and Contents

Encloses Rescript permitting removal to Towson, Prot N. 9202/61. Carmel is ready to use own funds rather than acquire debt.

Dates: 03/12/1961

Corresp: MM Magdalen, John XXIII, 1959, 1960, 09/04/1959-12/03/1960

 File — Box 4: Series Series 3, Folder: 6
Identifier: GAMMS.4.46.1569
Scope and Contents

Mother Mary Magdalen to Pope John XXIII, 9/4/1959 and 12/3/1960; petition to transfer from Biddle Street to Dulaney Valley Road. See Francis Keough, Official Church Records, episcopal correspondence, suggesting the same.

Dates: 09/04/1959-12/03/1960

Corresp: M.Mary Catherine, OSSR, 1959, 04/04/1958-09/08/1958

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 73
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1108
Scope and Contents

Mo. Mary Catherine OSSR, of Perpetual Help Monastery, Esopus, NY, exchanges prayer intentions; they have mutual priest friends.

Dates: 04/04/1958-09/08/1958

Corresp: M.M.Christopher Garvin, SHCJ, Wyoming, 1931, 12/13/1928

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 45
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1080
Scope and Contents

Mentions that Mother St. John McMaster has returned to the United States, in Suffern, New York.

Dates: 12/13/1928

Corresp: MMMagdalen and Pius XII, 1958, 08/28/1958

 File — Box 4: Series Series 3, Folder: 4
Identifier: GAMMS.4.46.1567
Scope and Contents

MM Magdalen writes in gratitude for his recent addresses to cloistered nuns concerning the validity and significance of their vocations; desire to become "fit instruments in the worldwide apostolate of the Church" and in the restoration of all things in Christ. Mentions that the "period of adaptation and evolution" is current; she, in name of Baltimore Carmelites, "protest our loyalty to Your Holiness and the Sacred Congregation of Religious"...

Dates: 08/28/1958

Corresp: Mo. Elizabeth, OSU, Bikar, India, 1957, 01/13/1956-12/08/1956

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 106
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1169
Scope and Contents

Mother Elizabeth thanks MMM for donation, in Bihar, India,

Dates: 01/13/1956-12/08/1956

Corresp: Mo. Mary Magdalen and Michael Angel, 1967

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 109
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1918
Scope and Contents

MM Magdalen writes to Michael Angel to express disappointment over treatment of Thomas Kilduff, his impeccable credentials, etc.

Dates: 1700-1990; Majority of material found in 1850-1980

Corresp: Mo. Placide Wallace, BVM, 1936, 08/12/1936

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 50
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1085
Scope and Contents

Letter and note from Mother Placide Wallace of the Visitation, BVM, Baltimore; feastday greeting and note accompanying a gift of flowers.

Dates: 08/12/1936

Corresp: Mother Celine, John XXIII, 1963, 05/10/1963

 File — Box 4: Series Series 3, Folder: 7
Identifier: GAMMS.4.46.1570
Scope and Contents

Petition by Mother Celine to add a twenty third member into the community.

Dates: 05/10/1963

Corresp: Mother M.Joseph, Mother General, MM, 1928, 05/30/1933

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 154
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1218
Scope and Contents

Requests prayers for two reasons: sick sister, and "suppression of Reds in China who are threatening to utterly destroy our missions in that country."

Dates: 05/30/1933

Corresp: Namie Silk Co, 1958, 10/22/1958-12/08/1958

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 70a
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.2251
Scope and Contents

Concerning orders of silk material, prices of silk brocade, not handwoven; complications about inspection. Signer: Seita Namie.

Dates: 10/22/1958-12/08/1958

Corresp: NCWC regulations, Shipping, 1950-

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 102
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1165
Scope and Contents

NCWC regulations concerning aid-in-shipping; policy for program, 1950s.Signed letter explaining policy. With notification about arrival of shipments in Philippine Islands. (War Relief Services Department)

Dates: 1873-1961; Majority of material found in 1900-1960

Corresp: Owen Corrigan, Aux Bp, re profession, 1918, 05/10/1918

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 3
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1627
Scope and Contents

Corrigan provides summary of new rules concerning profession of vows, temporary and perpetual.

Dates: 05/10/1918

Corresp: P Francis Murphy, community, Peace Issues, 1984, 10/07/1984-10/16/1984

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 32
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1656
Scope and Contents

Bishop Murphy and S. Patricia, donation to peace and justice commission, and concerning Cardinal Shehan, Srs. Patricia Scanlan, Miriam Maguire and Genevieve Nicholson.

Dates: 10/07/1984-10/16/1984

Corresp: P Francis Murphy, general, 1981-1983, 10/23/1981-10/25/1983

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 28
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1652
Scope and Contents

Correspondence with S Constance of personal and general nature. Papers on peace and justice; on dark night; to be published.

Dates: 10/23/1981-10/25/1983

Corresp: P Francis Murphy, general, 1982-1983, 12/21/1982-01/04/1983

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 29
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1653

Corresp: P Francis Murphy, general, 1986, 09/24/1986

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 34
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1658
Scope and Contents

Concerning 25th anniversary in Towson; Bishop John Richard's positive evaluation of Sisters at Baltimore; National Conference of Christians/Jews tapes given as gift.

Dates: 09/24/1986