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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 451 Collections and/or Records:

Corresp: S.Seraphim to S. Apollonia, 1935, 09/09/1935

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 95
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1158
Scope and Contents

Ingratitude for gifts received from S. Apollonia (no address)

Dates: 09/09/1935

Corresp: S.Teresa, O.Carm, Duluth, 1928, 08/22/1924

 File — Box 11: Series Series 11, Folder: 44
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1079

Corresp: S.Turibius Flood, New Jersey, 1960, 07/09/1960

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 80
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1115
Scope and Contents

S.Turibius asks for prayers for family at time of sudden death of her brother Vincent, a Dominican novice, killed in plane crash.

Dates: 07/09/1960

Corresp: T Austin Murphy, 1965-1967, 09/14/1965-10/26/1967

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 12
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1637
Scope and Contents

Bishop Murphy, in acknowledgment of points discussed with Cardinal Shehan. His own accident.

Dates: 09/14/1965-10/26/1967

Corresp: T Austin Murphy, 1975, 04/02/1975

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 17
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1642
Scope and Contents

Regarding indulgences for jubilee year for those who can not make pilgrimage; they are "impediti" and can gain it.

Dates: 04/02/1975

Corresp: T Austin Murphy and MM Magdalen, experimentation, 1969, 10/16/1969

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 14
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1639
Scope and Contents

MM Magdalen answers the criticism introduced by Sister Genevieve concerning the "experimentation" in Divine Office. MM Magdalen believes she is within the guidelines; most are peaceful about changes. In defense, she states her age, the composition of present population.

Dates: 10/16/1969

Corresp: T Austin Murphy, general, 1970-1973, 12/01/1970-10/15/1973

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 15
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1640
Scope and Contents

General correspondence and with regard to upcoming election at which he will preside.

Dates: 12/01/1970-10/15/1973

Corresp: T Austin Murphy, on elections, 1976;1979; retirement, 1984, 09/27/1976-12/15/1984

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 18
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1643
Scope and Contents

Concerning elections over which Murphy will preside; and on news of his retirement, 1984.

Dates: 09/27/1976-12/15/1984

Corresp: T Austin Murphy, renewal, prison ministry, 1973, 01/25/1973-01/30/1973

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 16
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1641
Scope and Contents

Murphy discusses general topics, but questions some aspects of renewal developed at Carmel (and open atmosphere), especially prison ministry of S Mary Eileen McNamara.

Dates: 01/25/1973-01/30/1973

Corresp: T.Austin Murphy, permissions, 1966-1970, 08/03/1966-09/01/1970

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 13
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1638
Scope and Contents

Murphy gives permission re: Institute to be conducted by S Innocentia; liturgy during 40 years; re lay sisters and their decisions. Demurs on decisions outside his jurisdiction: age of novice mistress; experimentation in divine office.

Dates: 08/03/1966-09/01/1970

Corresp: Thomas Kilduff, re renewal problems, 1967, 06/12/1967

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 108
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1917
Scope and Contents

Thomas Kilduff: re request (included) of Sr Mary Electa; and real feeling on matters of renewal.

Dates: 06/12/1967

Corresp: Thomas McKeldin, Governor, MD, 1957-1961, 01/18/1951-06/22/1955

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 62
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1097
Scope and Contents

McKeldin is grateful for gifts; discusses Boyce Avenue and Dulaney Valley Rod; his hospitization; attendance at Catholic liturgy when travelling and no Episcopal church available(11/7/1960).

Dates: 01/18/1951-06/22/1955

Corresp: Thomas Peacock, SJ, Burma, 1959, 01/03/1959-01/13/1959

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 132
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1196
Scope and Contents

A mission letter from Rangoon, Burma.

Dates: 01/03/1959-01/13/1959

Corresp: Vincent S.Waters, Bp, Raleigh, 1947, 08/02/1947-11/14/1947

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 59
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1094
Scope and Contents

Gratitude for kindness during his stay. Hopes for Carmelite monastery in Raleigh.

Dates: 08/02/1947-11/14/1947

Corresp: W.Born, CSSp, 1947

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 100
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1163
Scope and Contents

W. Born, CSSp writes to Mother M. Magdalen, from Harrismith, in gratitude for the native-reserve church and mission.

Dates: 1873-1961; Majority of material found in 1900-1960

Corresp: William D.Borders, 1980-1984, 06/06/1980-11/01/1984

 File — Box 2: Series Series 1, Folder: 60
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.1619
Scope and Contents

Request of Prioress, Sister Constance FitzGerald, for assistance in retirement fund--special collection for elderly and infirm priests and religious. Gratitude for $2,000 allocation for retirement needs by Bishop Borders. Request of Borders for Constance to sit on review board for emergency fund requests.

Dates: 06/06/1980-11/01/1984

Corresp: Wm. Borders, 1974-1988, 08/14/1974-06/23/1988

 File — Box 2: Series Series 1, Folder: 58
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.1617
Scope and Contents Correspondence between Archbishop Borders and Sister Patricia Scanlan, Prioress. Includes general thank yous for visits, liturgies, gifts; contribution to CRS for Subsaharan drought (1974); transfer of Sr. Shalom Belnick; 1985; vist of Bishop Lawrence Soens of Sioux City, Iowa; celebration of Sr. Constance's honorary doctorate; Sr. Ann Murphy's 80th birthday (10/16/1985); 1986: Sr. Nancy Miller's final profession 1/18/87; Borders' 7th birthday; Sr. Veronica's mother's death (1988);...
Dates: 08/14/1974-06/23/1988

Corresp: Wm. D Borders, re Archdiocesan Training Center, 1975, 08/29/1975

 File — Box 2: Series Series 1, Folder: 56
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.1615
Scope and Contents

Borders informs S. Patricia Scanlan, Prioress of Center for Training and Consultation for Clergy and Religious. Request for financial support.

Dates: 08/29/1975

Corresp: Wm Donaghy, SJ, Worcester, 1958, 11/01/1958-10/31/1960

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 130
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1194
Scope and Contents

Donaghy cannot give retreat; he has "the highest admiration and deepest affection for the Carmelites."

Dates: 11/01/1958-10/31/1960

Corresp: Wm Driscoll, SJ, Jesuit Mission, India, 1961, 03/02/1961

 File — Box 13: Series Series 11; Series Series 12, Folder: 137
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1201
Scope and Contents

Driscoll, gratitude and request for prayers for mission field in Jamshedpur, Bihar, India. Only 38 vocations this year; not enough.

Dates: 03/02/1961

Corresp: Wm Mahoney, Soc of Fr.Sons of St Patrick, 1961, 05/23/1960

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 84
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1119
Scope and Contents

William Mahoney, President of Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, sends contribution of $500. for new monastery.

Dates: 05/23/1960

Corresp: Wm Newman, elections, celebration, 1985, 11/15/1985-12/02/1985

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 21
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1646
Scope and Contents

Re elections and Sr. Ignatius' 45th anniversary.

Dates: 11/15/1985-12/02/1985

Corresp: Wm Newman, general news, 1988, 07/12/1988-07/29/1988

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 23
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1648
Scope and Contents

On elections, Carmelite Guild Mass, 1988; Cardinal Hamer's declining invitation to meet re legislation draft; MM Magdalen's being at Mercy Villa; Shalom's transfer to Mercy Sisters.

Dates: 07/12/1988-07/29/1988

Corresp: Wm Newman, re exclaustration, 10/31/1986, 10/31/1986

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 20
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1645
Scope and Contents

Re permission for extension of exclaustration for three years for Maureen O'Brien.

Dates: 10/31/1986

Corresp: Wm Newman, re Shalom Belnick, OCD, 1986-1987, 12/16/1986-12/15/1987

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 22
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1647
Scope and Contents

Newman confirms temporary transfer of S. Shalom Belnick; other general news.

Dates: 12/16/1986-12/15/1987

Corresp: Wm Newman, thank yous 1987-1989

 File — Box 3: Series Series 2, Folder: 24
Identifier: GAMMS.4.73.1649
Scope and Contents

Thank yous from Bishop Newman and Office of Vicar.

Dates: 1783-1990; Majority of material found in 1850-1940

Corresp: Wm.Howard Bishop (Glenmary), 1937, 01/09/1942

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 97
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1160
Scope and Contents

Father Bishop (Glenmary founder), asks for spiritual contract between the American Society of Catholic Home missions and Baltimore Carmel.

Dates: 01/09/1942

Corresp:Herbert O'Conor to MMM, 1958, 07/03/1957

 File — Box 12: Series Series 11, Folder: 64
Identifier: GAMMS.9.43.1099
Scope and Contents

Re contribution of Irving Blum, Samuel Blum Foundation.

Dates: 07/03/1957

Correspodence: Sister Constance and Wm. D. Border, 1983, 09/08/1983

 File — Box 2: Series Series 1, Folder: 61
Identifier: GAMMS.4.45.1620
Scope and Contents

Sister Constance informs Archbishop Borders of her planned trip to Philippines and other Asian destination, purpose of trip, plans.

Dates: 09/08/1983

Correspondence: Clement Mary, 1935-1937, 08/08/1935-08/31/1937

 File — Box Ge3: Series Series 4, Folder: 90
Identifier: GAMMS.10.69.1900
Scope and Contents

Clement Mary (with note from William of St. Albert): postcard re visit, 1935; on elections; grantitude for donations and money sent; other business.

Dates: 08/08/1935-08/31/1937